Donovan to Salt Lake City

It is believed that Salt Lake City has made enquiries about the possibility of signing Landon Donovan for the next season.

The player who came out of retirement at the end of last season to help LA Galaxy has yet to confirm these rumors.

Torres wins 2016 Latino del Año

Sounders’ Roman Torres won award on Sunday, making another award in a storybook 2016 for the Panamanian defender and his Seattle Sounder teammates.


Former Everton striker Landon Donovan has declared that he is currently working in an advisory role at Swansea City.

The 34-year old, who scored 57 goals in 157 appearances for his country, has been brought to Swansea by the club's new American owners Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien.

The former USA international revealed he had a talk with the new owners earlier this summer ahead of their takeover of the club.


The Guardian name the Major League Soccer (MLS) and English Premier League veteran the greatest American player of all time this summer.

Landon Donovan retired in 2014 after playing the game extensively in many countries for club and country. When he announced the retirement, the praise and acclaims were over the roof.

Landon Donovan Supports Women's Soccer

Landon Donovan continues to be a major figure in the world of US soccer.

Landon Donovan believes that the United States is close to winning the World Cup

United States star player Landon Donovan has stated that the United States might win the World Cup during his lifetime.

He believes that the team is progressing well and that it will not be long before they will be able to lift the trophy.

The United States will be participating at the centenary edition of the Copa America. For him, the United States need to get out of the group stage to prove that they are progressing.

Landon Has Faith That US Will Qualify For The World Cup

USMNT has had its share of star players who continue to be faithful to the club even if they do not represent the club anymore on the fields.

One illuminated example is Landon Donovan. Recently, in an attempt to put back faith in the team amongst the fans, Donovan tweeted that the team still has potential and fans should not be disheartened from the loss that the team suffered on Friday when they lost to Guatemala with a score of 2-0.

Landon Donovan claims sides for Increase in Women's National Team

Former United States captain Landon Donovan claims that the women’s national team of United States are right to deserve a pay rise in line with the men’s team.

Luka Modric has cleared the air on his situation

Luka Modric has cleared the air on his situation and has stated that he doesn’t intend to go anywhere from Madrid in near future.

Since the time Carlo Ancelotti has been named to take charge at Bayern Munich post the current season, the reports had been circling around in the press that he would try and attract Modric to join him there as he related pretty well with the midfielder during his working days at Santiago Bernabeu.

Steven Gerrard is emphatic about joining LA Galaxy and accomplishing what Donovan did

Landon Donovan has a playing career which stretched for over 11 years and during this period of time, the retired footballer performed with a number of different clubs including: Bayern Munich, Everton and Bayer Leverkusen just to name a few of them but it was when he played for Los Angeles Galaxy where he truly managed to stand out and make a name for himself after scoring over 100 goals and making around 247 appearances for the MLS club.